We guide, support and recommend placement options for treatment centers, outdoor therapeutic programs and alternative education.

With an empathetic approach we lead you, your struggling loved one and your family into healing. 

We help you navigate the complex and confusing choices during a time of stress and crisis, giving hope every step of the way.

Science + Connection = Healing


There are evidence based methods for supporting and motivating your loved one towards healing and recovery; and while taking care of yourself.

Proven principles, tools and strategies along with connection will inspire lasting change. 


Connections and community are what heals mental health challenges. Although the meaning of connection can be subjective, it is mandatory for healing. 

Connections to others; Connections to ourselves; Connections to a belief.

Community is not being alone, and it is trusting others, giving compassion and receiving compassion. 

Combined with the science and proven methods on how to support our loved ones, healing happens. 


Healing is health, happiness and thriving in the individuals with whom we are. It’s feeling safe and having purpose. 

Combined with the understanding of the human mind and connections, we can help our struggling loved one and ourselves heal.